Feb 9, 2005

Speed of Light

I finished yesterday reading Umberto Eco's "Baudolino", and, before going to bed, got obsessed by the question: "Why is the light speed constant for any inertial frame?" If I can find an answer to this question, intrinsicly related to the space-time properties of our Universe, then I could find a way to move faster than light and also travel in time. The photons have no rest mass and always move with light speed, no faster, no slower. They are bosons with zero spins. And they don't distort the space. It seems to me that the space-time can't be continuum but must be comprised of "cells". In my spare time, I'll work onto trying to answer this question.
After a few warm days, today the snow falls again. Kyo, takusan yuki ga furimasu. Tenki wa warui desu yo. Demo shyu matsu tenki wa no hoga ii desu.

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