Feb 19, 2005

Mishima Yukio

I've read again today on Wikipedia about Yukio Mishima on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukio_Mishima. I've also got a movie about him ("Mishima, a life in 4 chapters") that I've enjoyed watching today.
I read about him many years ago, in Romania, when I was checking a Japanese Literature book. What actually impressed me now and then were the many simillarities between him and me. It always feels good to know you're not the only crazy person in this world.
I did brave the cold and did my Taijiquan training session out in the forest, on the snow. I'm struggling now to learn the Yang Luchan form, more efective in fightning than the Yang Chengfu one. I slept few hours last night, just wasting my time on useless things.... As always, I need to work to become more organized.

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